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Here are some of the Club Members' favorite sites:


Wanna visit some Nemisys Club members' sites? Then you can try visiting The Nemisys Club's Youtube Site and Nemisysone's Myspace Site.

Also, Electronic Music Enthusiast N3M15Y50N3 wants you to check out his music at the N3M15Y50N3 SoundCloud Page and add a few likes to the N3M15Y50N3 Facebook Page.

Another club member who's just recently put up a site of his very own is Jeff. Check out The Badjepoy Site.

One of the newest members' sites worth checking out is Steel Armstrong's World.

Since a lot of us are into Comic Books, we frequently visit The Marvel Comics Page as well as the The DC Comics Page.

An awesome comic site for your daily dose of comic parody is The Gutters Comics Site.

Do you need gaming help? If so, then visit the Games radar Cheat Page. Since we're miniature games fans, we also go to the Official HeroClix Site. If you're a Dungeouns and Dragons fan, you can try the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Site.

Wanna visit a cool Sumo site? Check out the Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa City Oshino Sumo Club Site. It's chock full of cool elementary sumo photos, but it's in Japanese. Two other cool japanese elementary sumo sites are the Gifu Prefecture Gifu Norin High School Sumo Club Site and the Wanpaku Sumo Site.

Another great Sumo Site is the Toyama Prefecture Takaoka Koryo High School Sumo Club Site.

I personally love visiting the Tokyo Katsushika Ward Shiratori Sumo Club, as well as the Tokyo Ota Ward Sumo Federation.

I've recently discovered some cool elementary sumo images at the Sekisen Sumo Club Site.

For a taste of Sumo in Saitama, try visiting the Saitama Sumo Club Site.

You can also visit the Tokyo Fuchu City Fuchu-Sumiyoshi Sumo Club.

Check out the cool Ibaraki Prefecture Shintone Town Sumo Club.

Also, try visiting the Yamaguchi Prefecture Kameyama-Hachimangu Wanpaku Sumo Page.

Another newly-discovered wanpaku site is the Ibaraki Prefecture Tsuchiura City Sumo Federation Site.

Take a gander at sumo "American Style" by checking out the California Sumo Association.

Check out some cool Black & White Wanpaku Sumo Photography at Gary Colton's Sumo Pictures.

For even more wanpaku fun, try browsing the Siewert Steven's Young Sumo Photos.

And for more sumo links, go to the Index of Amateur Sumo Pages on the 'Net.

We get the latest WWE news at the WWE Home Page.

We here at the club are BIG Front Mission fans, so we love visiting the Front Mission Site.

We're obviously big mecha fans too, so we also gawk at the cool art and click on the links at the Concept Robots Blogspot Site.

Are you a GUNDAM fan? If so, then check out the latest news about your favorite mobile suits from the Gundam Info Web Site.

For news about the latest, coolest toys and models, point your browsers to the Hobby Japan Home Site and the Japanese Bandai Site.

If you're a robot fanatic like me, you can check out the cool robot merchandise available at Jameco's Robot Store Site and dive into all things "Japanese-Robotic" at The Robot Japan Site ,a great nexus for mecha freaks!