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As I've previously mentioned; a lot of our members are fond of Robots and Mecha. We love to play various games dealing with Robot Combat, particularly of the "Giant Mecha" variety. We recently came up with an Armored Core Miniatures Game which uses the 3rd Series "One Coin" figures, a set of RPG gaming dice, and our very own collection of assorted mecha, vehicles and diorama pieces. Please note that a number of pictures in this page have been "enhanced" with computer effects to evoke the play action of the game.

Here is one of the AC units and its accompanying custom-made "Stats Sheet". This Raven and his team mates have accepted a mission by given by the "MIRAGE" corporation to secure a site for their future headquarters and eliminate all rival AC forces.

The enemy Ravens and mechanized artillery begin to mobilize around sector n73A.

The battle begins. The Blue Ravens (Nemisys team) engage the enemy. Here, we see a salvo of enemy missles being met by an anti-missle salvo.

One of the Nemisys Ravens destroying a missle tank.

The same Raven destroying another missle tank with his own salvo.

After taking some damage, the Nemisys Ravens encounter a huge Battle Frame (the boss of this mission). Their mission leader is currently reloading.

Having replenished his ammo stores, the mission leader returns to the theater of operations. The entire team unloads on the battle frame! TAKE THAT!!!