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No robot fan in their right mind would DARE overlook the contribution of Mobile Suit Gundam and its succeeding series. Most of today's mecha derive their appearance directly from the basic Gundam design. The Gundam franchise produces a lot of cool robot models and toys, and we here at Nemisys Central are rabid Gundam mecha fans. We started our collections with the early V and Sentinel sereis models, working our way up to the G, X and Wing series. Of course, now we're into the Seed, Destiny and Stargazer line-up, and we are LOVIN' them! Even though they cost a considerable amount of cash, we are really proud of our ever-burgeoning collections!

We colect mostly 144-scale models (now called HG), but have also started to collect MSIA and Gundam Fix Figuration figures for the sheer quality and detail. There's something to be said about taking a bunch of plastic sprues of parts and carefully cutting, trimming and fitting them together to come up with a spiffy-looking robot!

The models and toys that we buy are also used as playing pieces for a miniatures-style RPG that we play around here. We also use other toys and diorama elements as structures and enemy units. We also have "Stat sheets" for the robots to keep track of action points and damage, as well as current targeting values (pilots have stats too).

Of course, in most RPGs, there is a fair amount of dialogue between characters, but Gundam is all about the Mecha Battles and action (just watch any of the anime). And this is the part that we like best!!!