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Being the Robot fans that we are, it's not surprising that we're also fond of playing with Mechwarrior Miniatures. These cool toys simulate infantry, vehicles, and of course giant robots called "Mechs" in their universe. We play them on the same board that we use for our "Armored Core" and "Gundam" games.

Here we have the basic game set-up. Movement and range are determined by using "flexible rulers" (tape measures in common language). Orders depend on the battleforce rules, but we have our own "house rules".

The miniatures themselves have their "stats", so no need for a "Stat sheet": they have "Combat Dials" that help players keep track of current stats. Three pieces of dice are also used to play, as well as tokens which mark what units have been given orders. All in all, a pretty simple and straightforward system. .

Combat is a little slower than in most of the robot miniature games we play, but it's still prestty cool. We use "scenarios" for our games, as opposed to just using armies to battle without any premise (It's a LOT cooler when you have a reason to battle!) plus, we also "roleplay" out units during the game.

Another shot of the battle in progress.