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There are virtually hundreds and thousands of mecha and robot shows, series, comics, stories, and toys out there, It's hard to say how many of them we still don't have! What we DO know is that we try to watch and read and collect every sigle one! Some of the other popular additions to our collections include the more famous ZOIDS dinosaur and animal mecha. I have to admit that I'm torn between keeping the unassembled toys in their original packaging, or letting them lose their potential collector value by opening them up and assmebling them!!! Well, maybe it's just because I really don't have enough time on my hands to assemble them (Sigh!)

Aside from the ZOIDS, we have a hodgepodge of different mecha from different series and genres. From cheap knock-offs to rather expensive die-cast toys, we just can't resist snapping them up!!!

The mecha and robots that we collect also range from simple figure-type toys to the more elaborate programmable gizmos, including our Club's Official Robotic Mascot!

In the end, there's really no criteria for our taste in mecha. For us, ALL robots and mecha are good as long as they have cool designs, look good, and are fun to play with! ROBOTS ARE THE BEST!!!