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All of the Nemisys Club's memebers are into Anime. Anime is actually just a term used for Japanese Cartoons. Some of the titles that we've enjoyed are: "Ninja Scroll", "Naruto", the "Gundam" series, the "One Piece" series, "Robotics: Notes", the entire "Little Battlers Experience" series and shows like "Full Metal Alchemist", "Fairy Tail" and "Tiger and Bunny". Lest you think that we're only fond of the "Grim and Gritty" violent-styled anime, we also enjoy "cutesy anime" such as "Sgt. Keroro" and the still-famous "Pokemon" series. It just goes to show you that most of us are kids at heart.

Find out which anime titles we love by looking at the Top 10 Anime Lists from some of our Club's members!